It’s hard to stand out these days. There’s simply too much noise. The amount of advertising we see on every screen causes overload and decision fatigue. Today, just being great at what you do or touting the best features of your product or service simply isn't enough. Nor are clever tag-lines or generic promises. So how do you cut through the noise, find and engage your people with the right conversation? That’s where branding comes in.
These days, branding is more than just a logo or a color scheme. Today branding is the entirety of your customer experience across every aspect of your business - your communication, your social media, your website - everything. So much so that in many instances your brand is your business! Have you ever gone into a store and known right away you wanted to buy something? Have you ever encountered a product you were compelled to purchase -  even though you may not have needed it in that moment? It was an experience that immediately felt right, aligned with your values - a movement you wanted to be a part of. That was branding - a carefully crafted set of messages designed to speak to you and engage with you. Today, whether you’re speaking with people in-person or online you only have a split second to earn their attention let alone their affection and trust. We buy from brands whose values and purpose align with ours. In fact, we’re willing to pay more to align with people and companies we feel reflect our values. Today, you and your brand must stand for something if you want to succeed. My framework will help you create clear, engaging branding and messaging by using your purpose, values and story to speak to your audience on a deeper level. My creative process helps founders create impactful branding that's an authentic, powerful expression of who they are and what they want to create in the world. I've taken a complicated, often frustrating process, and broken it down into a simple system that guides both new and experienced founders to success. Helping them craft a brand they're proud of -  a brand that speaks in the right voice to engage the audience that's best for them.  This framework, alongside customized 1-on-1 coaching guarantees that you'll not only learn the key aspects of branding, but you'll also have the help and support you need to implement them. Knowing what you have to do is not enough. You have to do it. That's why I only work with creators and businesses who are ready to take control of their brand and the message they're putting out in the world. Branding is an art full of nuance and subtlety. Getting it right is not always easy, or obvious. But if you work with me, I promise I'll make it as easy as it can be so long as you're willing to put in the work. If you're a founder, a creator or a creative entrepreneur apply for a free 1 hour brand strategy session today and let's see if working together is a fit.
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The BrandShop is a 12 Week Program For Building Your Irresistible Brand

Whether you're an experienced founder or building a brand for the first time my framework will take you from initial vision to creating effective marketing and campaigns. Regardless of what stage you're in with your business, my customized approach will meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.


What are you trying to create?  We'll define your brand vision and allow your future goals to inform your decisions today so that you're always on the right track for success. 


Who are your customers or audience and what do they need? We'll explore your tribe and market to understand their deeper needs beyond just the service you provide.


You're story is everything. Find the the power in your story and learn how to engage people on a deeper level and capture their attention so they listen and remember you.


What are you saying to your market? We'll clarify your message across your entire business so people immediately get who you are and what you stand for.


Your branding needs to represent you. We'll hone your visual identity, tone of voice and brand persona to embody your values and express your business professionally and authentically.


How will you reach your audience?  Develop a simple customized marketing plan that consistently brings in clients and is the right fit for your market or industry.



I’m Gil Nevo, and my motto is “Live by design, not by default.” As a core member of the team who created over 100 episodes of the show “South Park”, I’ve worked as a creative in TV, Film and won two Emmys.  As owner and creative director of Nice Studios, I’ve worked with major advertising agencies like M&C Saatchi and 360i, and worked directly with major brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Coca-Cola, and Hillshire Farms to name a few.  Now I’m turning my expertise and passion to helping other founders succeed. My mission is to bring creativity, passion and purpose and help people express themselves while growing and thriving in their work.

Creating Urgency

I think one of the problems I've noticed creatives run into when trying to sell their work or services is a lack of urgency on the part of their customer or client.   Creative work often seems nice to have but not critical.   As creatives, founders and entrepreneurs we know the value we bring and how beneficial our work can be, but...

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10x Creativity

Creativity can only exist in a judgement free environment. As soon as judgement takes hold, particularly from our own mind, creativity is stifled. Yesterday I was driving down a random street in LA and noticed the trees growing from little dirt patches dotting the sidewalk. I thought to myself that a tree is the ultimate creative act. Every twist...

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Go From Reactive to Proactive

Where do you see your business in 2 years? 5 Years? Where do you see your business in 10 years and what kind of lifestyle do you want to be living by then? Are you still sitting at the computer answering client requests? Are you traveling the world? Are you just coming in for meetings and leaving? Or, maybe you're completely absent from your...

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