The 7 things every entrepreneur must know when starting a creative business.

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Welcome to my first online course for Entrepreneur Creatives!

This fun, easy and FREE course will teach you the seven most fundamental concepts you absolutely must master if you want to succeed at entrepreneurship or even as a freelancer.

What you'll learn:

Lesson 1 - From Technician to Entrepreneur - Learn how to avoid working for your business as a technician and create a business that works for you.

Lesson 2 - Entrepreneurial Mindset - Think like the world’s successful entrepreneurs and spot opportunities that maximize potential.

Lesson 3 - Product - A new way to look at your product and service that will change the game for your business.

Lesson 4 - Unique Value Proposition - Understand the core value of what you do and how to use it to stand out from the crowd.​

Lesson 5 - Riches in Niches - Use niche intelligence to create more value and demand higher prices

Lesson 6 - Marketing Mindset - Redefine marketing to turn a necessary evil into a fun adventure.

Lesson 7 - Targeted Messaging - Create engaging messaging that pulls customers in like a magnet

You’ll receive your first lesson in your inbox within the hour and a new one every day or two.

Each lesson includes a short exercise at the end to help you assimilate the information and put it into practice in your own business.

The lessons are easy, fun and build on each other so that your learning compounds with every new skill set you gain.

Enroll and start building your successful creative business now!

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