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I just watched this great little film by Julian Glander about James Franco.

Franco narrates the piece in a casual tone and the animation does a nice job of enhancing the story.

What I found most interesting about the piece and the reason I’m posting it here is that at one point Franco says, “All in one year, everything changed.”

As Franco describes, there was a turning point in his career where a single decision that came from a single conversation turned his career around. Before that point he had had some success but he was uninspired and creatively unsatisfied. After that single event and in the span of one year everything changed for him. He did two films he was proud of and went back to school. All in one year!

I think the lesson here is simply, “Don’t stop searching.” Things can change so quickly.

Seek out satisfaction.

Seek out the things you love to do and the people you want to work with and great things will happen for you.

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