Minimum Viable Product isn't just for tech startups...

Yesterday a friend asked me for some advice.

Upset by everything that’s going on with police shootings in the US, she wanted to encourage people to take responsibility for the situation as a way of helping us all as a nation deal with the matter.

Her vision was to create a platform to inform people on local initiatives. The site would have members’ areas, forums and other engagement tools.Read more

An unexpected lesson from James Franco...


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I just watched this great little film by Julian Glander about James Franco.

Franco narrates the piece in a casual tone and the animation does a nice job of enhancing the story.

What I found most interesting about the piece and the reason I'm posting it here is that at one point Franco says, "All in one year, everything changed."Read more

Being productive doesn't mean being a machine...

I don't like the word "productivity"- Not that I don't like being productive, I do. But I'd love to challenge the notion that productivity is some innate virtue.

As computers get faster and the economy more and more global, we are being asked to produce more and more to compete with machines, and workers in developing economies. And the value of that production is being stripped down by this rebalancing.

“It’s not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: what are we busy about?” ~Henry David ThoreauRead more

Find Your Why

It’s late.

I just got home from an impromptu wrap party for one of the most painstaking and least interesting video projects I have ever done.

6 weeks of working on an “anthem” piece for a huge corporation (that will, for now, remain nameless).

Hundreds of revisions, hundreds of wasted man hours.

Over the course of those revisions and over the last four weeks the project has changed maybe 10 percent from the original version we initially sent out.

It’s a fine video, but I could care less.Read more