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A 12 Week workshop to help you clarify your message, get noticed and build an irresistible, engaging brand.

For high level, successful creatives and founders this program will take you through the process of building a company or personal brand that will get you heard and noticed. My process is based around 6 areas that, once mastered, will help you grow your audience, engage your customers and create an irresistible brand.


You started your business or career with a vision whether you knew it or not. We'll explore and clarify that vision and set the goals for our work together. We'll work to understand your ideals, values, and mission not only for your business but beyond it. We'll define where you want to go  - and just as importantly, why - then take the right steps to make it happen.
  • Create a clear compelling vision
  • Set goals - process goals vs. results goals
  • Begin crafting your brand as an authentic expression of your vision


Everyone has a tribe. We'll work to understand who your people actually are, the ones you want to connect with, the ones who will resonate with what you have to offer. Then we'll understand what their needs are and begin creating a conversation with them so that the brand you build will automatically engage and speak to them.
  • Survey your audience to learn how to engage them on a deeper level
  • Create ideal customer profiles
  • Study your competition and find your positioning in the market
  • Create (vs. find) your niche


Telling the right story is one of the most important ways to engage an audience. We'll craft a story that authentically captures who you or your company are, what you're trying to achieve and why you're the right person or company to work with. Will amplify your story's inherent strengths to connect you and your brand to your customers on a deeper level.
  • Learn why storytelling is the most powerful method of human communication
  • Use your personal story as a powerful communication tool to engage and influence
  • Craft winning bios, case studies and more to convey only the information you need your audience to know.


Having a clear message is everything. It's not just a tagline or some copy on your site. Your message is everything your communication is saying to your people even between the lines. We'll clarify and hone your message so it cuts through the noise like a sharp Japanese knife.
  • Craft compelling messaging that aligns with your vision and speaks to your audience
  • Clarify your communication across all platforms and "touch points".
  • Create feedback loops to test how your message resonates with your market


Your identity is your business persona. It's the clothes you wear, it's your tone of voice. We'll work to match your visual identity with what you're trying to say and who you're speaking with and learn how to utilize outside tools to craft a beautiful, effective brand even if you're not a graphic designer or copywriter.
  • Save time and money by learning to speak with designers
  • Easily manage creating a logo, a website and visual identity
  • Find your tone and personality in all your communication


In this final module we'll look at marketing as it really is, not a series of tactics designed to lure clients in, but a genuine conversation between you and your people. We'll create a simple, effective marketing plan that's the right fit for your business and consistently connects you to your audience and customers.
  • Create a simple marketing plan that works
  • Focus only on the channels that prove effective
  • Build a marketing system that consistently brings in clients
  • Use digital and analog campaigns to reach your people


We’ll meet for 6 sessions over a 12 week period. Each session will focus around a topic of mastery and how it specifically applies to your business. Between sessions you’ll be responsible for doing homework and filling in worksheets that relate to the lesson. The worksheets will be included in a Google Sheets framework where you’ll be able to collaborate with your instructor for the duration of the course.  You’ll also be provided access to a Facebook group where you can meet your classmates and share your work with them, get feedback, support and accountability.


I've used this process working with major brands and small companies and it works. It's not just an online course where after you consume the information you're left to figure it out on your own. In this course you work directly with me, a 15 year industry veteran who's actually been trusted with major brands like Vitaminwater, Ben & Jerry's, Wells Fargo, Coca Cola and more. My broad range of experience includes TV, Film, Media and the Advertising/Branding space. I've worked with major ad agencies and spent a large part of my career on the TV Show Southpark.  I've also worked as consultant or creative director with dozens of small agencies, companies and founders.  Through this program, I'm able to deliver the type of work only major brands can afford in a way that's affordable, manageable and effective.  The work is nuanced and there's lots of subtlety. Working with a trusted advisor will provide important feedback and perspective on the work, access to brainstorm sessions, and move you quickly through the process ensuring you stay focused on the things that actually move you forward.
Gil is the real deal. We've been having issues properly communicating our brand message for quite some time. Even after just one session we've learnt so much. He dissected the messaging on our website and really started to dig deeper into why we started our business. He hit us with some tough questions. The process revealed so much more about what we do and why we do it.
- Gerry Kelly, Founder, Sonas Denim
Gil, yesterday's deep dive was brilliant, can't thank you enough. The way you so quickly identified our core struggle from the million things we haphazardly presented to you was phenomenal! Your articulation of things was so spot on, we both left the conversation feeling like you've been with this project for much much more than just 90 minutes. Thanks a ton again, and we'll send our homework across soon :) Amazed and very grateful.
- Manasi Parikh, Founder, Bechain Nagri


There are two ways to work through the program - as a group or 1-on-1. There are advantages to both so if you need further assistance on which package to choose feel free to contact us anytime.


  • The full 12 week program
  • 6 X 90 Minute Group Sessions (1 session every other week)
  • 6 X 90 minute live office hour sessions
  • The Brand School Framework
  • Private Facebook group support and collaboration



  • The full 12 week program
  • 6 X 90 Minute Group Sessions (1 session every other week)
  • Unlimited email support
  • The Brand School Framework
  • Private Facebook group support and collaboration



You don't have to be in a creative field to be a creative entrepreneur. I work with founders in technology, the arts, performers, media, consultants, and more. My students and clients do have several things in common, though. First, they are all people interested in serving their customers in the best way possible. Second, they want to build a brand that's an authentic representation of who they are and what they want to see in the world. The work we do is not just about creating the brand once and forgetting about it. It's about integrating brand strategy and philosophy into every aspect of your business so you begin to "think in brand". This builds the habits of the right communication with your customers and will serve you and your business forever. It will also apply to any other businesses you may start in the future. And once you think in brand, that's when the magic of business really happens. It means speaking with the right customers, engaging with clients in the right way, and growing your reach so that you don't have to guess where your next customer is coming from. It means going from the reactive state most businesses are in to a proactive state where who you work with comes into your control and with it the control of your company's future. My framework has been tested with dozens of clients. In fact, I use the system myself every day because building a brand is something ongoing that you do for the life of your business and a skill that will benefit you for years to come.


Before we work together, we'll want to make sure it's a fit. Apply for a 1 hour deep dive with me to work on your branding and experience what this work can do for you. The session is a completely free, no-sale session designed to actually get insight into your branding and move you forward. It's also part of my commitment to giving value first and helping creative entrepreneurs on their journey while also growing my network. My mission is simple - help you move forward and succeed. Things we can work on in the deep dive session:
  • Defining your brand purpose
  • Clarifying your message so people better understand what makes you unique
  • Discovering and communicating your personal or brand story in a powerful way
  • Exploring new ways to market that are in line with your industry and your personal strengths
 60 minute deep dives are limited to available slots in the schedule so please make sure to let me know who referred you. Fill out as many details about your business as you think is necessary for me to consider your request. In order to achieve the best results from our work together, we'll draw on your past customer experience to inform the process of  strengthening your message and brand. Therefore I recommend you have at least 6 months of work in your industry and field. Please make sure to include the following in your message:
  • Your name
  • Your website
  • Your industry
  • Who referred you to me
  • How long you've been serving customers in this industry
  • The obstacles you currently face with your marketing
 Please provide any additional information that will help me assess your needs in preparation for our call. I'd love to take advantage of our time to provide as much value as possible for you. Fill out the form below or