"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The messaging we came up with just landed me my biggest client yet!"

- Chris W.

Focus your message to increase business

If you have an excellent product or service, but aren't getting as many clients as you know you should this program is for you. If you have clients who are underpaying, don't value the work you do and are holding your business back, this program is for you. Our step-by-step process will help you assess your business through the lens of your customer’s needs and create clear, powerful messaging that resonates with the right clients. Then we'll apply that messaging to your marketing and branding so you can easily and effectively reach your market.


Create a message that resonates


Discover and craft your unique brand


Create an effective, actionable marketing plan

why this program?

There are lots of marketing consultants and programs out there that teach you tools and techniques for reaching your audience. But we believe that none of those will work unless you develop the right messaging. Communicating your core services and benefits effectively is often the difference between having a consistent flow of work and having your marketing fall on deaf ears. Major brands spend millions of dollars every year to perfect and hone their messaging. It’s an ongoing process that takes an entire marketing team and dedicated outside agencies. Small companies need the exact same work, even more so. Small companies simply don't have the marketing and advertising budgets to make up for messaging that doesn't hit it's intended mark. But if you’re like most entrepreneurs you don’t have the resources and time to put into this important part of your business. Or maybe you’ve always gone on pure instinct and never took time to question the message your sending your customers. By combining 1-on-1 coaching, pre-recorded video content and take home exercises we’ll help you focus your message so you can hone in and connect with your target audience.  We'll walk you through the entire process of crafting your messaging with a simple process broken down into easy steps. We'll also provide lots of supporting material to help you understand our process so you can continue to do this on your own in the future. So the work you do with us will last through the entire life of your business and beyond. You’ll see results immediately as you begin seeing and testing new ways to communicate with your audience and build new relationships. Most of our clients land new customers within a few weeks of starting the program. In fact you’re here now because we used the same techniques to communicate our message to you. This program will work for any business in any industry. We even guarantee it.


I’m Gil Nevo. After working on over 100 episodes and winning two Emmys with the show Southpark. I used my creative talents to become a creative director in advertising and worked with brands like Vitamin water, NBA 2K, Unreal and others. Then I used the techniques I teach here to grow my commercial production company Nice Studios and land major advertising clients like M&C Saatchi and 360i working with major brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Coca-Cola, and Hillshire Farms to name a few. Now I’m turning my expertise and passion to helping other businesses succeed. I love seeing small businesses providing their owners lives with purpose. My motto is “Live by Design, not by Default.”

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